AutoCheck Vehicle Inspection Solution

AutoCheck is a sophisticated vehicle inspection solution that allows an organisation to build workflow processes and present them on a smartphone or tablet.

Netresult can tailor a range of solutions specific to your industry to reduce overheads and costs, and improve customer service.

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Vehicle damage recording and tracking

  • Automatically load existing damage from a previous inspection, making it easier to identify new damage.
  • Vehicle images and photos used to indicate location and severity of damage.
  • Vehicle images for all common vehicle types, sedans, wagons, coupes, and motor bikes.
  • Fully configurable inspection templates, damage descriptions, and repair price menus.


Damage tracking


Build your own vehicle inspection templates

  • Configuration tools allow administrators to define new inspection workflows including the ability to crease new inspection forms and fields.
  • Specify the inspection items to be checked by the inspector.
  • Default check list items to ok or force inspectors to confirm each one.
  • Predefined damage description text to save on typing
  • Define your own damage repair matrix including the ability to have a difference price list for different customers.
  • Edit the content of email templates including the setup of elegant HTML email content. The use of merge fields allow you to personalise the email to the customer. 
  • Manage terms and conditions text displayed to a customer within an inspection e.g. loan car and test drive terms and conditions accepted on a mobile device by a customer


Build inspection templates



Appointment management

  • Auto-allocation based on inspector availability, skill sets, and required inspection duration.
  • Control the maximum travel time between inspections
  • Configurable call centre scripting .
  • Maximum travel time rules prevent excessive travel between appointments.
  • Dashboard allows managers to track inspection progress and issues.


Appointment Management



Smartphone and tablet mobile application

  • AutoCheck is available from the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store.
  • Because this is an application, you can continue to use it even if you don't have mobile or WIFI connectivity.  
  • All your information is stored locally and can be synchronised to the server when connectivity is available.  
  • Browser based inspections tools not work without connectivity!


Mobile applications



Integrated camera and video

  • Integrated camera functionality includes the ability to specify the exact photos the user should take in the inspection as well as the ability to annotate on the picture. 
  • You no longer need to draw on the vehicle to highlight specific damage. 
  • Link photo's to damage records to give the complete picture.
  • AutoCheck can even capture a video within an inspection.


Integrated camera and video



Web inspection module

  • Web based inspection tool including most of the inspection features provided int he iPhone and Android smartphone applications.
  • Great for editing completed inspections or adding additional information back at the office
  • Can be operated offline on laptop computers with synchronisation to the server


Web inspection



Mapping and GPS tracking

  • Reverse geo-coding of appointment location.  Visually see the location of all active appointments
  • Track the current location of your inspectors including the current status of their jobs.
  • Filter unallocated jobs and the closest inspector to enable efficient allocation of appointments.
  • Tag inspection locations with GPS locations


Mapping and GPS tracking



Customisable to your needs

  • AutoCheck is highly customisable either by configuration or by coding to suit your needs.
  • Rather than 'one size fits all', Netresult recognizes that on some occasions a business needs specific functionality.
  • Netresult will work with clients to design and build this specific functionality





Integration and reporting tools

  • Integrate with your DMS or auction system for automatic upload of vehicle details.
  • Automatically deliver completed inspection reports via email.
  • Notification services for automatic requests to third party suppliers e.g. transportation services.
  • Comprehensive management reporting including productivity and trend analysis.
  • Customisable inspection report templates.
  • Automated data import tools.
  • Automatically import files from FTP or email.


Integrated reporting



Hosted in the Cloud; Access from Anywhere

  • AutoCheck can be hosted within your own network or in the 'cloud' - no expensive servers are required. 
  • All you need is an Internet browser.
  • Access from work, home or anywhere in the world.
  • No IT involvement - all software updates, maintenance and backups are performed on your behalf leaving you to concentrate on your business.
  • Powerful role and branch based security. 
  • Data extract reports give you access to your data


Cloud hosted