Mobile agenda job scheduling SOLUTION


See how Netresult's can help manage your mobile workforce scheduling with Mobile Agenda.




Powerful & Flexible Scheduling

  • Sophisticated scheduling screen with drag and drop rescheduling and reassignment.
  • A job can incorporate the full lifecycle of tasks from quote, doing the work, post completion activities, audits, training etc. 
  • Tasks can be assigned to multiple people and cover multiple days. 
  • Time can also be blocked out for non-job activities such as personal appointments.
  • Highly scalable to hundreds of users and multiple users can safely schedule concurrently.
  • Configurable colour coded display to convey maximum information at a glance. 
  • Very suited to ‘large screen’ staff display.


Flexible Scheduling



Hosted in the cloud; Access from anywhere

  • Mobile Agenda is hosted in the 'cloud' - no expensive servers are required. 
  • All you need is an Internet browser.
  • Access from work, home or anywhere in the world.
  • No IT involvement - all software updates, maintenance and backups are performed on your behalf leaving you to concentrate on your business.
  • Powerful role and branch based security. 
  • Data extract reports give you access to your data


Hosted in the Cloud



iPhone Application

  • The Mobile Agenda iPhone application is freely available from the Apple app store with every server license.
  • Simple and intuitive to use; minimal user training is required.
  • Highly configurable screens to display just the information required.
  • Users can control their own diary where allowed and enter new tasks and update actuals.


IPhone Application



Powerful Reporting

  • Customised set of reports to suit your business.
  • Reports include general data extracts allowing you complete access to your data so that you can slice and dice as you desire.





Customised to your needs

  • Mobile Agenda is highly customisable either by configuration or by coding to suit your needs. 
  • Rather than 'one size fits all', Netresult recognizes that on some occasions a business needs specific functionality. 
  • Netresult will work with clients to design and build this specific functionality.
  • Some typical examples from the many industry and client specific customisations include:
House floor plan diagrams to automatically calculate the thermal insulation requirements
Complicated discounting, subsidy and loyalty schemes
Franchisee monthly fee calculations
Complex window blind quoting functionality covering sizing, options, fabrics, add-ons etc.
Printing of specialised forms for health & safety requirements etc.




Common Issues

  • Delays from job completion to billing
  • Lost or illegible job cards
  • Forgotten, unscheduled, unbilled or incomplete jobs
  • Customer service staff cannot promptly answer client job queries
  • Inefficient scheduling; sub optimal mobile worker productivity
  • Poor communication and visibility of jobs and who's assigned
  • Growth impeded by lack of scalability of processes
  • Mobile staff spending too much time in the office
  • Office staff using spreadsheets to maintain information


Common Benefits

  • Lower overheads through reduced manual processes
  • Increase productivity through more efficient job allocation
  • Increased visibility of key operational processes
  • Improved accuracy and reduced errors through better data capture
  • Improved customer service by quick access to information
  • No more lost or unbilled jobs
  • Powerful management reporting