MOBILE auditor compliance auditing SOLUTION


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Flexible Template Design

  • Web based administration module.
  • Centralised question library to re-use across multiple audit templates. 
  • Modifications to questions only have to be made in one place.
  • Build your own data capture forms and include them in one or more audit templates.
  • Build a library of standard statements that can be selected by the auditor in the field.
  • Reduces the amount of typing the auditors have to do in the field.


Flexible Template



Easy to use, intuitive iPhone application

  • Audit template driven from web administration module.
  • View issues created during the last audit
  • Visual indicators on audit progress and issues created.
  • Signature and other data capture driven from the audit template set-up on the administration website.
  • Photos can be optionally associated with issues found.
  • Simple and intuitive to use; minimal user training is required.


iPhone Application



Hosted in the cloud, Access from anywhere

  • Mobile Auditor is hosted in the 'cloud' - no expensive servers are required. 
  • All you need is an Internet browser and iPhone.
  • No IT involvement - all software updates, maintenance and backups are performed on your behalf leaving you to concentrate on your business.
  • Powerful but simple role based security.
  • Data extract reports give you complete access to your data.


Why AutoStock



Powerful Reporting

  • The Audit Report is available immediately the audit has been marked as completed.
  • Dashboard reporting is available to focus on key KPI's.
  • Customised set of reports to suit your business.
  • Reports include general data extracts allowing you complete access to your data so that you can slice and dice as you desire.


Powerful Reporting



Common Issues

  • Delays in finalising audits captured in the field
  • Large back office workload writing up the audit, preparing the report and sending the report to the client
  • Inconsistent audit methodology and scoring
  • Difficulties in managing and tracking issues recorded during an audit
  • Delays in extracting management reports and inability to conduct trend analysis


Common Benefits

  • Faster and more efficient audits
  • More timely results - audit reports can be made available very quickly
  • More accurate information - manual processes and illegible handwriting are removed from the audit process
  • Powerful on demand management reporting allow for easy analysis of trends, exceptions and performance measures.