Vehicle inspection

AutoCheck is a sophisticated vehicle inspection solution that allows an organisation to build workflow processes and present them on a smartphone or tablet to reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Stock control

AutoStock is a user friendly application specifically designed to assist companies to carry out stocktakes of cars and other items. Quickly locate cars and record present cars.

Floor plan auditing

Current dealer manifest is downloaded to the app and immediately prior to starting the audit to ensure the auditor has an accurate picture of dealer stock. Quickly locate stock as sighted so missing vehicles are identified as fast as possible.

Compliance auditing

Centralised question library to re-use across multiple audit templates. Modifications to questions only have to be made in one place. Build your own data capture forms and include them in one or more audit templates.

Job scheduling

A job can incorporate the full lifecycle of tasks from quotes, doing the work, post completion activities, audits, training etc. Tasks can be assigned to multiple people and cover multiple days.