New Zealand Automobile Association (AA)

Enhancing pre-purchase vehicle inspections

Over 100 years of motoring in New Zealand

The New Zealand Automobile Association (AA) was founded in 1903 and has grown from a pioneering automobile club to an organisation that offers motoring advice, insurance, finance, maps and travel guides. The AA is regarded as the leading advocate for New Zealand motorists and their interests.


Manual processes causing inefficiencies

Originally AA’s pre-purchase vehicle testing and inspection documentation was manually processed. The handwritten reports, lack of a link from the initial booking to the inspection report or payment was the catalyst to investigate a more efficient and cost effective system.

AA’s manual inspection booking system was not as efficient as it could have been. “Before AutoCheck, initially everything was done manually. Then we adopted an AS4OO system but this too was not integrated as much as we would have liked.

So it was a natural progression to upgrade and we implemented Netresult’s AutoCheck. We really needed to move away from the Inspectors giving the customers hand written inspection reports,” says Sarah Campbell, Business Improvement Manager, Technical Services.


AutoCheck to automate pre-purchase inspections

The organisation decided to implement Netresult’s AutoCheck to automate many of the processes around pre-purchase vehicle inspections. Giving it the internal name AA Check, the AA uses the system for the booking and assessment of pre-purchase vehicle inspections.

Mobile Inspectors use notebook-sized rugged laptops when visiting customers to view onscreen inspection checklists. Each morning they download a day sheet of booked inspections and regularly synchronise with the central system to ensure any appointment changes are visible immediately. Inspections are entered directly into the laptop and saved in AA Check, and the report can be printed on the spot for customers, emailed or faxed, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Customers can either call or visit an AA centre to book a pre-purchase inspection, which are all coordinated through AA Check.

Enhanced productivity and customer service

Sarah says the major benefits of AA Check for the business are the time efficiencies and enhanced transparency of information for capacity planning, which has increased productivity and customer service.

“AA Check has given us greater visibility of appointments and has enabled us to plan workloads more efficiently. We can also now offer greater flexibility to customers. To be mobile means we have greater coverage; we can offer our customer a better service across more of the country as the information is with the inspectors at all times.”

The organisation has recently upgraded AA Check to include an online booking system. Customers can now go online and book their pre-purchase inspections, which Sarah says has considerably enhanced customer experiences. “The online booking system is seamlessly integrated with other parts of the software providing detailed reports for the customers with the ability to deliver these in various formats”.

“AA Check is the cornerstone of our pre purchase business and it has increased sales considerably. By implementing the online booking system it has opened up a new avenue which allows customers to book their inspections 24/7, and it has streamlined our business.”

“Netresult are flexible, easy to deal with and accommodating. They work closely with us and are happy to discuss everything.”

About Us

Netresult Mobility is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner which provides mobile computing solutions to help all parts of the vehicle supply chain, from wholesale financers right through to consumers, improve the speed and quality of their decisions about vehicles.

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