Paperless defleeting process


For fleet managers, the defleeting process can be very manual and complicated. Netresult understands the frustrations that can be caused by these processes and has developed AutoCheck with the tools needed to make this process as automatic and as streamlined as possible, making the fleet managers job increasingly easier.


Vehicle condition

Using a similar process to safety checks and damage reporting, drivers are able to log the condition of the vehicle at the end of its lease easily and with the option of including images to clarify points. This includes the drivers sign off and provides the fleet manager with all the information necessary for the next step of the defleeting process.


Damage pricing matrix

Working out the wear and tear of a vehicle can be a difficult and contentious process with fair wear and tear being a seemingly objective opinion. AutoCheck provides fleet managers with a damage pricing matrix which can act as a guide for determining whether wear and tear of the vehicle is fair or not, resulting in a more definite outcome.


Automatic documentation

The documents required for end of lease and handovers are extensive and can be difficult to compile. AutoCheck automatically generates all end of lease and handover documents and contracts electronically, saving fleet managers time and money pulling these together.



It can come as quite a shock to drivers/departments when they receive a bill for the wear and tear or damage of their vehicle after the lease of the vehicle has run out. AutoCheck allows fleet managers to contact pre-end of lease inspections as a way to warn the drivers/departments of missing parts or any likely cost.