Electronic log books


 Electronic log books (or electronic work diaries) are becoming more commonplace in the motor industry due to their ability to provide fleet managers and companies with a complete and up to date overview of the state of their fleet and drivers. AutoCheck provides an electronic log book feature, providing the fleet managers visibility over their fleet.


Handovers of pool vehicles

Pool vehicles can be difficult to manage with multiple people driving the vehicle on any given day. AutoCheck provides a check in / check out feature where drivers log when they are in control of the vehicle, providing fleet managers with a clear picture of who has driven what distance and at what times.


Time stamping

It can be difficult to identify who was in control of a vehicle when a parking or speeding fine was obtained, leading to the organisation regularly footing the bill. AutoCheck time stamps inspections completed by drivers at the start of a shift, allowing fleet managers to better identify who is responsible for fines accrued. 


Maintenance monitoring

With traditional systems, there can be quite a delay between damage occurring (or a fault noticed) and maintenance being undertaken. AutoCheck allows drivers to log damage or service requirements electronically when they notice them, prompting a notification for the fleet manager who can progress the request immediately. This saves time and money for the company.