Duty of care inspections


Duty of care in the motoring industry is a highly-focused on issue in government. It is important to implement systems that make it easy for fleet managers and drivers.  Netresult's AutoCheck product is designed especially with a duty of care feature for fleet managers, streamlining their inspection processes and providing a better oversight on their fleet. 


Safety checks

Regular safety checks are an important part of ensuring a safe fleet. If vehicles aren't road worthy or fit for service, the company can be liable for any injury or harm caused as well as being held responsible for not providing a safe working environment for staff. AutoCheck enables regular, easy and quick safety checks to be performed by drivers to give fleet managers the peace of mind needed. 


Mandated safety items

When safety checks are undertaken, different people look for different things and everybody has a different measure of what is "good". To avoid inconsistencies in data and vehicle condition, AutoCheck allows fleet managers to mandate the safety items drivers check and the state in which these need to be in. This creates a consistent fleet with standard data. 


Service identification

Traditionally, when vehicles are in need of servicing, these have to be requested manually with a paper based system of tracking the needs and service history. AutoCheck provides an electronic way for drivers to identify the service requirement. The system enables the option to attach photos remotely, streamlining the process and scheduling of maintenance.


Accident reporting

As with service identification, AutoCheck removes the need for manual, paper based processes for accident reporting. Instead they provide a streamlined, electronic tool where drivers can easily report accidents, identify damage and attach photos when required.