Test drives


 Test drives are a critical part of the sales process for dealerships but can also be one of the most difficult to manage with a raft of risks associated with them. To ensure the safety of drivers, and reduce the risk and liability to the dealership, Netresult has integrated some test drive features specific to dealerships.


Information capture

One of the most important aspects of test drives is capturing customer information, from name and address to drivers licence details. This is one of those practices that can take a while to manually fill out, so Netresult aims to work around this with AutoCheck providing more streamlined ways of capturing the key customer information. 


onscreen display of your terms and conditions

Your dealership test drive terms and conditions and managed from the backend portal and displayed to the customer on the mobile device.  The customer can read terms and conditions and accept them on screen.  The date and time the T&C's were accepted is record and displayed on the test drive agreement.


Electronic signatures

Customers can sign acceptance of terms and conditions electronically with AutoCheck, which stores these details against customer profiles and vehicle information, providing a thorough data trail for future reference.


Fee liability

When a customer is out for a test drive, it is not uncommon that they receive a fine (whether this be parking, speeding or anything else). AutoCheck makes it easy and fast to identify who was driving the particular vehicle at the time, avoiding the fine landing back on the dealership's shoulders. 



AutoCheck provides dealerships with a comprehensive reporting tool for test drives. Filtered by individual sales consultants, it can provide a great overview of the level of activity happening and success for each staff member.