Trade Appraisals

Make good appraisal decisions through accurate damage identification, visibility of sales, and access from anywhere.

Test Drives

Streamline customer information capture, increase visibility over drive duration, and avoid fines and costs to the company.

Lead Management

Track new appraisals and test drive leads, communicate with new leads and receive follow up reminders by email or text.

Intake Inspections

Confirm the condition of a vehicle when delivered, compare against an earlier appraisal, and identify any missing parts.

Stock Control

We assist companies to carry out stocktakes of cars and other items.

Cost Effective

Subscription costs start from just $50 per month. Contact us to find out more about pricing options.



Making good valuation decisions in an increasingly competitive market requires streamlined operations and reliable support.

See how Netresult can help you make good valuation decisions and maximise your profits.